All is True

Directed by Kenneth Branagh

Written by Ben Elton

Produced by Ted Gagliano, Tamar Thomas, Louise Killin


It’s a pleasure to see our greatest Shakespearean actress playing the Bard’s wife, and indeed, All Is True contains many pleasures, not least of which is Zac Nicholson’s cinematography. He pounces like another 17th-century genius, Rembrandt, on the lighting opportunities afforded by all those candles, all those sunbeams streaming through mullioned windows. And outdoors, the panorama shots are ravishing. Warwickshire never looked prettier. - Brian Viner, Daily Mail 

James Merifield’s design and Zac Nicholson’s photography, steeped in candlelit chiaroscuro, eschew obvious Merrie England touches for a distinctive feel more redolent of the Dutch Golden Age. Together with acute visual use of the passing seasons, all this finds Branagh getting as close to art-cinema lyricism as he has since 1995’s In the Bleak Midwinter, to similarly melancholic effect. - Screen Daily

When it came to recreating this quieter, slower-paced world that Shakespeare inhabited in his last years, Branagh turned to some of British film's most seasoned technicians and craftsmen, including Zac Nicholson, the BAFTA-winning director of photography, who gives the film its lush, quietly bucolic look - Telegraph